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The History of the Cheesesteak

The History of the Cheesesteak

in the 1930s a hot dog vendor named Pat Olivieri wanted to change it up for lunch. One fateful day, he decided to grill some steak from his butcher, put it on an Italian roll, and call it lunch. One cab driver caught a whiff of the deliciousness that was the first cheesesteak and asked to have some for lunch himself. As word spread among cab drivers around the city, Pat’s steak business expanded until he needed to open a brick-and-mortar store. Pat’s King of Steaks was born, and the rest is history. The cheese wasn’t added to the mix until the 1940s, and that only further cemented cheesesteaks as one of the greatest foods of all time. Approaching 100 years later, the cheesesteak is still growing in popularity. With over 15 places competing for the best cheesesteak around in Philly alone, the cheesesteak craze carries on. Luckily for Long Islanders, they have Chiddy’s CheeseSteaks, the best Cheesesteak on Long Island. No more need to drive 3 hours to get to Philly to satisfy that craving. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or dinner for the whole family, a cheesesteak with a side of fries is something you just can’t go wrong with. Chiddy’s has mastered this recipe, raising the bar when it comes to cheesesteak and fries, putting a Long Island spin on a timeless classic that everyone can enjoy.

The History of Food Trucks:

The earliest mobile food vendors date all the way back to the 17th century, so it’s needless to say that food trucks are ingrained in the culture of America.

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