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Savor the Flavor: Long Island Hot Dog Bliss at Chiddy's Cheesesteaks!

There are many indulgences in life, but few as delightful as the opportunity to have a wide range of delicious treats at Chiddy’s Cheesesteaks. Yes, as our name implies, we are the home of the best Philly Cheesesteaks, both the authentic version and customized to your liking. But we also feature that kids-of-all-ages pleasing, and take-me-out- to-the-ballgame favorite on Long Island, the hot dog (and much more)! 

Chiddy's Cheesesteak Meets Chili Cheese Dogs

Now in our tenth year on Long Island, the staff at Chiddy’s has noticed that for many of our customers, having to decide between having a mouthwatering, utterly delectable Chiddy’s Cheesesteak, or one of our extremely popular Chili Cheese Dogs or other weiner varieties, was creating frustration. After all, we only have one stomach! What if, just what if, you could combine your love for Chiddy’s great cheesesteaks with a hot dog? Well, of course, now you can! 

The Ultimate Collaboration: The Philly Cheesesteak Hot Dog

Presenting the Chiddy Dog. That’s right! We top our succulent, expertly grilled, pure beef dogs with shaved steak and Cheese Whiz, red onions and only for the brave, sliced jalapenos! When it is served you’ll want to take a photo to post so that your friends can seethe with jealousy. Just like our popular Chili Cheese Dogs, Chiddy’s Philly Cheesesteak hot dog will snap when you bite into it. Chiddy’s hot dogs never disappoint because we make every order using the best and freshest ingredients. There are many places to get Long Island hot dogs, but only Chiddy’s dogs will have you savoring every bite then making plans to return for your next! They’re that good! 

A Jersey Shore Classic Without the Drive

In addition to our great, soon to be legendary, Chiddy’s Philly Cheesesteak hot dog, we also save you a trip to the Jersey shore. There’s that joint that invented the Jersey Ripper. Chiddy’s is just as authentic. We also fry our ripper dogs until their casings burst. This creates a crunchy crust. Next, we generously pile sauerkraut and mustard on top of our ripper for a taste that cannot be beat!    

Discover the Irresistible Long Island Hot Dog at Chiddy's!

Now more than ever, there is something for everyone on Chiddy’s Cheesesteaks menu. Did you know? We also have gift cards and current offers for great deals on our fan favorites. Planning an event? Well, Chiddy’s would like to be invited! Try our custom catering packages or save big on our Party Packs! With several locations and a food truck, you are always near one of the best meals of your life! Plan to visit us soon or order online for pickup or delivery by Uber Eats!