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Make Your Event Memorable with Chiddy's Food Truck Catering on Long Island

Everyone who has ever hosted an event, be it for a fundraiser, or family and friends, wants their guests to enjoy the activity. It is no secret: the Key to the success of any party or occasion is the food. It can make or break the day. Yet it is too much to ask many hosts to prepare sufficient amounts of great food. Not only do most of us have time constraints, but also limited food storage space. That means hiring a caterer. This may prove daunting unless you know just who offers the best food catering on Long Island. Remember the great time you all had last summer at your cousin’s anniversary? After the outdoor vow renewal ceremony, everyone headed to the parking lot and enjoyed the novelty of a truck offering delicious food catering. Long Island has some great dining options, but how many restaurants do you frequent that have their own food truck? The solution, of course, is to call Chiddy’s to engage the services of our justly famous Cheesesteak Food Truck

Experience the Ultimate Convenience with Food Truck Catering on Long Island

That’s right. Chiddy’s can bring the party to you and your guests. And everyone can enjoy something they want served right up to them through the side window. Just the sight of our food truck will have your guests lining up in anticipation. For those familiar with our extensive menu that includes ‘something for everyone’ ranges from Breakfast all Day including that North of the Border special, the Breakfast Burrito, piled high with potatoes, onions, peppers, did anyone say “gooey cheese”, and the succulent delight of steak and eggs! You will not have to go out to the ball game, unless you are hosting one, to chow down on one of Chiddy’s signature hot dogs, either. We offer a number of juicy varieties, and you can have them your way as well! 

Discover Savory Offerings from Our Cheesesteak Food Truck

Another of Chiddy’s Food Truck Catering for Long Island events options is our ever popular South of the Border menu that includes out-of-this-world empanadas. Try our Stromboli (yes, you heard right) loaded with pepperoni, salami, and melted provolone cheese tucked inside our crisp empanada shells and marinara sauce for dunking! What about a selection from Chiddy’s Fry Bar? Our fries are as legendary as our cheesesteaks. You can enjoy yours topped with Cheese Whiz and Steak, or our Disco Fries with steak, decadently melted mozzarella, and drenched in rich gravy. You bet we have Sweet Potato fries and Onion Rings too! Try yours with our house-made Aioli for an unforgettable taste sensation! You’ll also find our ‘better than your mama’s’ Mac n Cheese and Chili! 

We mean it when we say Chiddy’s has the best food truck catering on Long Island, bar none. We also forget no one and offer a special children’s menu that’s truly kid-tested, yet mom and dad approved. From a crunchy grilled cheese sammie to chicken fingers, to desserts for kiddos of all ages, that include Peanut Buttercup and Banana Nutella dessert empanadas (because why not?) as well as the best brownie you ever devoured, your guests will be making a beeline for our truck throughout your event to savor everything we offer! 

Elevate Your Event with Chiddy’s Cheesesteak Food Truck Catering

Let Chiddy’s turn your event or occasion into a true cause for celebration! Now that you know, just call Chiddy’s to hire the best Cheesesteak Food Truck to be found anywhere. Then sit back and let Chiddy’s bring the party to you! We also offer catering at your premises including party packs, big game packages, and custom catering- just name it! Chiddy’s Cheesesteaks and you- the perfect recipe for a feast your guests will long remember! Call today to learn more!